03 September 2015

Orange Brooches

An 18 karat gold and citrine brooch by Michele della Valle. 
An 18 karat gold, mother-of-pearl, coral and onyx brooch by Cartier,  Paris.

An 18 karat gold, platinum, yellow sapphire and diamond brooch by Sterlé, Paris, circa 1960.

An 18 karat two-color gold, coral, cultured pearl, colored stone and diamond "Memento Mori" brooch by Tony Duquette.

A 19th century topaz and diamond brooch.

A coral and diamond brooch, 1920a.

A coral and diamond demi parure by Illario.

A coral, emerald, sapphire and diamond brooch by David Webb.

A carved coral brooch, circa 1930s.

A coral, seed pearl and diamond brooch/pendant by Cartier, circa 1922.

A coral, turquoise and diamond clip-brooch.

A fire opal and diamond brooch, early 20th century.

A gem set, gold and pearl brooch, early 19th century.

A yellow-orange topaz pendant-brooch, late 18th century.

Two-color gold, citrine and diamond brooch and earclips.

A coral, diamond, and multi-gem brooch by David Webb.

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