25 July 2015

Modern Diamond Star Jewels

Diamond star jewels are my all time favorite type of jewelry. I even have some of my own fantastic star jewels (but with rhinestones, of course!).

This is my set of two necklaces and a pair of earrings by costume jewelry company 1928, they date from circa 2005. The earrings were actually a Christmas gift to my sister about ten ago, but I bugged her so much about the earrings, she finally gave them to me! The necklaces were real finds: I found them recently, a couple months apart, at different thrift stores. I'm still keeping my eye open for any more star jewels in the series. I call them my "Empress Sissi" jewels.

The Empress Sissi of Austria-Hungary was well known for wearing diamond stars in her luscious, wavy long brown hair.

Thankfully, I'm not the only one who loves diamond star jewels. Modern jewelry firm H.Stern uses the diamond stars as their mascot. As they say on their websiteA visual icon for H.Stern (Stern means star in German), the inspiration for the Stars Collection came from a Victorian tiara formed by a five-pointed star, circa 1900. The jewels evoke the romanticism of this period while creating a contemporary look.

These are some of the beautiful diamond star jewels that H.Stern makes:
Bracelet in 18k gold with diamonds, by H.Stern.

Earrings in 18k gold with diamonds, H.Stern.

Diamond ring in 18 karat gold, H.Stern.

Ring in 18k gold with diamonds, H.Stern.

Ring in 18 karat gold with diamonds, H.Stern.

Ring in 18 karat gold with diamonds, H.Stern.

Ad for H.Stern featuring actress Diane Kruger. She is wearing the H.Stern diamond star earrings. 

H.Stern diamond star necklace.

H.Stern diamond star pendant earrings.

H.Stern diamond and 18k gold ring.

H.Stern diamond and 18k gold pendant necklace.

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