31 May 2015

Impressive Diamond Brooches

An 18th century paste and silver gilt brooch.

A Belle Époque diamond brooch, circa 1910.

A cultured pearl and diamond brooch.

A diamond brooch, circa 1800.

A diamond and pearl brooch, circa 1890.

A Belle Époque diamond, natural pearl, gold and platinum brooch, circa 1910.

The "Cullinan V" brooch, belonging to Queen Elizabeth II, was made in 1911. The center stone weighs 18.8 carats.

A diamond brooch, circa 1930.

A diamond tassel brooch/pendant, Spanish or Portuguese, 17th century.

A diamond corsage brooch, early 20th century.

A diamond devant de corsage brooch, 1850s.

A diamond maltese cross brooch, circa 1830.

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