26 March 2015

Queen Elizabeth's 60th Wedding Anniversary

 In 1947, a 21-year old Princess Elizabeth of Great Britain married a naval officer, Prince Philip of Greece. They are cousins, related through Queen Victoria, where Philip's grandmother, Princess Victoria of Battenberg, was the granddaughter of Queen Victoria. Princess Victoria was also the sister to two famous Russian royals, Empress Alexandra Feodorovna and Grand Duchess Elizaveta.

 Prince Philip of Greece with his fiancé, Princess Elizabeth of Great Britain, in 1947. They had met each other 8 years earlier, in 1939, when Elizabeth was 13 and Philip was 18, and from then on they started a correspondence for the next 8 years, until their engagement.

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh celebrated 60 years together in 2007. For the occasion, they recreated their famous engagement photograph. The Queen is wearing the same pearl necklaces, pearl earrings and sapphire and diamond brooch that she wore in the 1947 photograph.

This year the Queen and Duke celebrate their 68th anniversary, an amazing feat indeed.