09 February 2015

Art Nouveau Brooches and Pendants

An 18 karat gold and enamel pendant-brooch by Joë Descomps, circa 1900.

An 18 karat gold and plique-à-jour enamel brooch by Joë Descomps and Leon Gariod, circa 1900.

An 18 karat gold, enamel, natural pearl and diamond pendant, attributed to Joë Descomps, circa 1895-1910.

An art nouveau gold, enamel and pearl brooch by René Lalique, circa 1900.

An art nouveau diamond brooch, French.

An art nouveau gold, enamel, diamond and pearl brooch-pendant by Louis Aucoc, France, circa 1901-1902.

An art nouveau plique-à-jour enamel brooch by Lucien Gautrait, made after 1890.

A art nouveau pearl, diamond and enamel pendant, circa 1900, by Beaudoin.

A gold, enamel, turquoise, abalone pearl, and mother-of-pearl bodice ornament, by Georges Fouquet, Paris, circa 1900-1901.

A diamond, pearl and enamel pendant, circa 1900.

An enamel art nouveau pendant-brooch by Georges Fouquet, late 19th century.

An enamel, diamond, and gem set pendant brooch by Mitsuo Kaji.

An enamel, glass and diamond brooch by René Lalique, circa 1900.

A gold, turquoise, enamel and diamond pendant-brooch by G.R. Sanoz, circa 1900.

A gold, pearl, diamond and enamel pendant-brooch, France, circa 1900.

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