16 December 2014


An 18 karat gold and diamond "Eclat" wristwatch by DeLaneau.

An 18 karat gold and diamond "Quadrato" wristwatch by Bulgari.

An 18 karat two-color gold and diamond wristwatch by Verdura, France.

A coral, nephrite, and gold wristwatch by Piaget.

A diamond "Ribbon" wristwatch by Harry Winston.

An art deco diamond and onyx wristwatch by Cartier, 1922.

a watch of cultured pearls, mother of pearl, onyx and diamond by Cartier, circa 1930.

A diamond "Tortue" fob watch by Cartier, 1926.

A diamond lapel watch, 1930's.

A diamond and ruby wristwatch by Rolex.

A diamond wristwatch, circa 1915.

An early 20th century diamond and enamel fob watch, circa 1905.

A lady's diamond cocktail watch, 1930's, Chaumet.

A lady's diamond wristwatch, Cartier, 1920's.

A lady's diamond wristwatch by Gübelin, and a diamond bracelet.

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