13 November 2014

Diamond Pendants

So, I am almost to half a million views on my blog! How does one usually celebrate such exciting news? I could do another giveaway, but I would love for hundreds of people to enter and participate. The last giveaway only had about 40 or so entries, and the giveaway before that had none! Also, I really want to do at least 15 posts a month, which is perhaps a lofty goal, but I've still got so many pics I want to share. Any ideas on how my blog can be better? Maybe a better index of previous posts? Leave a comment if you've got ideas, I would love to hear them.

A late 19th century diamond and ruby-set pendant necklace.

A colored diamond and white diamond pendant.

An antique diamond crucifix pendant.

A diamond Maltese cross pendant, circa 1830.

A diamond pendant, 1930's.

A diamond pendant, circa 1910.

A diamond pendant, late 19th century.

A diamond pendant necklace from the 1910's.

A diamond pendant necklace, early 20th century.