25 October 2014

Brooches by Tiffany & Co.

 I worked at Tiffany's about 4 years ago, and with luck, I will get a job there again this holiday season! It was awesome getting to touch all the sparkly jewels, and the discount for working there was awesome. I am not just a huge fan of the modern Tiffany image, but also of Tiffany's past, with the daring, bold colors, art nouveau styles, and incredibly detailed pieces.

Enjoy all the beautiful Tiffany & Co. brooches below, from Tiffany's past and present.
An 18 karat gold and colored stone brooch, circa 1915.

An 18 karat gold and diamond brooch, made by Tiffany & Co., in France.

An 18 karat gold, cultured pearl and diamond brooch, circa 1875.

An 18 karat gold, diamond and lapis lazuli brooch.

A 18 karat gold, platinum and diamond brooch.

A 18 karat gold, platinum, coral and diamond brooch in the shape of an acorn, circa 1969.

A diamond and pâte-de-verre flower brooch.

A diamond and plique-à-jour enamel brooch.

A diamond, tsavorite garnet, and cultured pearl mistletoe brooch.

An antique pearl and diamond brooch, circa 1906.

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