26 June 2014

Royal Objets de Fantaisie

I know this isn't really royals or jewelry, but it's something in between.

As most of you may know, I make and sell tiaras in my Etsy shop, Moondust Jewels, but lots of other people make fantastic royal things on Etsy.

These are some fantastic hand-embroidered pillows I found on there, and I want to share them, because I am just beyond amazed at their detail. They are from the Etsy shop Objets de Fantaisie, by a guy named Dennis. I have no patience for sewing, so I am always amazed when I see people make this kind of thing.

Princess Diana Jeweled Frame Pillow

Diana Tiara Pillow

Royal Wedding Monogram Pillow

So if you're on the market for some super fancy royal pillows, this Etsy shop is the place for you! You will have to fork out quite a lot of money for them, though, but far less money than if you bought the actual jewels!

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