08 April 2014


I rarely post about wristwatches, but that's because I am extremely picky about watches! I don't wear one myself, and when I do, I normally wear a very petite little gold-plaited watch that used to belong to my great grandmother. I think I mostly prefer watches that aren't so obviously watches. I feel like they should look more like nice jewelry. Enjoy!
18 karat gold and diamond "Eclat" wristwatch by DeLaneau.

18 karat two-color gold, pink diamond, white diamond and mother-of-pearl "Imperiale" wristwatch by Chopard.

18 karat white gold, diamond and mother-of-pearl watch by Chopard.

A diamond, pink sapphire and gold wristwatch by Buccellati.

A sapphire and diamond "Eliochron" wristwatch by Buccellati.

An art deco diamond cocktail watch, 1930.

An art deco diamond watch by Cartier, circa 1920.

An early 20th century diamond-set cocktail watch, 1930.

An art deco diamond-set watch pendant by Boucheron, circa 1930.

A collection of fine women's watches, including watches by Cartier, Harry Winston and Omega.

A colored sapphire wristwatch by Chaumet.

A collection of three diamond and gold wristwatches, by, from left to right, Longines, Jaeger LeCoultre, and Sivos.

Diamond-set cocktail watch.

Diamond wristwatch by Sterle, Paris, circa 1960.

And early 20th century diamond wristwatch.

An English-made 18 karat gold key-wound "Verge" pocketwatch by Charles Goode, London.