04 August 2013

Winged Creations

A platinum, opal and diamond moth brooch.

18 karat gold, diamond and ruby brooch, France.

18 karat two color gold and colored stone and diamond brooch, France.

Three 19th century insect brooches, made with diamonds, ruby, sapphire and opal.

A late 19th century diamond and colored diamond brooch, 1890.

A diamond and enamel butterfly Art Nouveau brooch by Luis Masriera Art.

A gem set and diamond bee fly brooch, Portugal, 20th century.

A gem set and diamond butterfly brooch, circa 1900.

Pink and green gem-set bee brooches.

A gold, platinum, demantoid garnet, pearl and diamond dragonfly brooch, circa 1900.

A natural pearl, ruby, and diamond butterfly brooch, late 19th century.

A ruby and diamond swallow brooch, late 19th century.

A silver, turquoise, ruby, pearl and diamond brooch. Queen Victoria gave it to one of her bridesmaids in the early 1800's, and it was later acquired by Queen Mary in 1925.

Two 18 karat white gold, diamond and colored stone brooches, by Sabbadini.