04 June 2013

Beautifully Different Tiaras

A Chaumet diamond ice frost tiara from 1904.

A gold and diamond headdress from India, 19th century.

An emerald and diamond Bazuband, Persian. I think this is meant to sit across your forehead and partially obscure your eyes.

This tiara is in the collection of the British royal family (come on, Princess William, wear it already!). It was presented to Queen Victoria and placed among the Indian Collection belonging to the crown by King George V in 1924. It is made with beautiful cabochon rubies, gold and pearls.

A belle epoque diamond, emerald and pearl tiara. These types of tiaras always make me laugh, as it looks like the owner simply threw all their jewels into one piece, making for a sort of awkward tiara. You would feel like a grand Empress if you wore it, though!

A brass scroll tiara made by the wire work master, Alexander Calder. Circa 1938.

An amethyst and diamond tiara. I wish I had more info on this one, but I have to assume it is more modern.

A tightly packed tiara fully of colored stones! I don't have more info on this one, sadly, but it is quite unusual.

Seriously, like the best crown ever! A diamond (or paste, not sure), star crown.

A winged tiara by Henry Wilson, 1908.