06 June 2013

Bagues Roses (Pink Rings) - Part I

 I realized that I have posted hardly anything with rings! Isn't that ridiculous? It came to my attention how important it is to have a searchable database of ring images when I recently got my custom-made engagement ring. Well, here are lots more ring images, my lovely people, so that they may inspire you when you get some custom jewelry made!
An 18 karat gold, pink sapphire and diamond ring by Buccellati.

A fancy light brownish pink marquise diamond ring.

Fancy orangy-pink diamond ring.

Padparadscha sapphire and diamond ring by Ivy.

Platinum and 18 karat gold fancy diamond heart ring.

Platinum, diamond and vivid purplish pink diamond ring by Tiffany & Co.

Ruby and diamond ring, French.

Ruby and diamond ring, Van Cleef & Arpels, 1970's.

Ruby, pink diamond and diamond ring, 'Caresse D'Orchidées', by Cartier.

Enamel, seed pearl and red stone mourning ring, circa 1785.

Gem set ring, 1820's.

Gold, diamond and ruby puffy heart ring by Paul Flato, circa 1940.

Seed pearl and ruby mourning ring, circa 1815.

Jadeite and colored gem ring by Tsai an Ho.

Kunzite and diamond ring by Mitsuo Kaji.

Opal, pink sapphire and brown diamond snake ring.

Gray and white pearls and a purplish pink diamond ring by Vaillant.

Pink and blue gem stone ring by Buccellati.

Pink sapphire and diamond Panthere ring by Cartier.

Ruby and diamond ring from the 1930's.

A Ruby and diamond ring, circa 1910.

A early 19th century ruby and diamond ring.

A cabochon ruby and diamond ring by Rene Boivin.

A yellow diamond and ruby ring.