31 May 2013

Moons and Stars

Because it's been forever since I posted anything with jewelry, I thought I'd start out with two of my favorite symbols in jewelry: Moons and Stars.
14 karat gold and citrine brooch by Verdura.

A diamond crescent moon brooch from 1905.

A diamond crescent moon by Tiffany & Co., 1900.

Pair of 18 karat gold, platinum, diamond and colored stone brooches by Tiffany & Co., France.

Pair of 19th century diamond star brooches.

Platinum, gold and diamond brooch, circa 1900.

Sapphire and diamond brooch, 1890's.

Three emerald and diamond brooches and one diamond star brooch, late 19th century.

An early 20th century crescent moon diamond brooch.

A Victoria era crescent moon diamond brooch.

Diamond crescent moon brooch, late 19th century.

Diamond Maltese cross brooch, circa 1825.

Diamond starburst brooch.

Diamond star brooch, 1880.

Late 19th century diamond and sapphire crescent moon brooch and another oval diamond brooch.

A collection of brooches: a diamond starburst, crucifix pendant, and arrow brooch.