31 January 2013

Bejeweled Bows

Aquamarine and diamond wrapped heart brooch by Verdura.

Chrysoberyl brooches, mid 18th century, possibly Iberian.

Diamond bow brooch, circa 1840.

Diamond bow brooch, circa 1850.

Diamond brooch with a tassel, early 19th century.

Diamond and sapphire brooch, early 20th century.

Diamond bow brooch by Hennell, circa 1913.

Enamel and diamond bow brooch by Boucheron, circa 1930.

Diamond "devant de corsage", mid 19th century.

Gem-set bow brooch, late 18th century.

Turquoise and diamond bow brooch, mid 19th century.

A large and important diamond "devant de corsage" necklace, late 18th century.

Technically not a bow...but sort of looks like one. Pearl and diamond shamrock brooch late 19th century.

Ruby and diamond brooch, mid 18th century.

Turquoise and diamond brooch, late 19th century.