06 August 2012

Gems that can fly away...!

A gold, diamond, emerald, and ruby bird brooch by Cartier.

A carved emerald, ruby and diamond bird brooch by Van Cleef & Arpels, New York, Circa 1964.

A diamond bird pendant, early 19th century.

A diamond, onyx, gold and mother of pearl owl brooch by Tiffany & Co.

Diamond, gold, ruby and emerald bird brooch by Cartier Paris, circa 1940.

Diamond, ruby, enamel, and emerald toucan brooch by Tiffany & Co.

A diamond, ruby, turquoise, pearl, and mother of pearl duck king brooch.

A double-headed bird brooch in diamonds and emeralds, 1950's.

A double-headed eagle brooch in bright blue enamel and diamonds, late 19th century.

A sapphire brooch called "Dove of Peace", by Rene Boivin, 1939.

A gold and gem-set hummingbird brooch by Marchak, 1960's.

A gold and agate owl brooch by Castellani, circa 1855.

Gold, diamond, ruby, and emerald peacock brooch, 1890.

Green diamond peacock brooch, circa 1890.

An enamel, diamond and pearl swan brooch by Vita.

A gold, pearl, diamond and ruby bird clip, circa 1960.

Platinum and diamond parrot brooch by Cartier France.

Ruby, enamel, and diamond hen brooch by Michele Della Valle.

An art deco ruby, sapphire and diamond bird brooch by Caldwell & Co.

A gold, diamond and pearl swan brooch by Fred.