21 August 2012

Bandeau Tiaras

Bandeau tiaras are classified as being more like headbands than tall crowns. They can be worn like a headband, or across the forehead. Bandeaux tend to be very simple in design, and not very tall.
Diamond Bandeau tiara, 1920's.

A cabochon sapphire and diamond bandeau tiara, previously in the collection of the Thurn und Taxis royal family

A simple diamond wreath.

A diamond bandeau, Cartier, Paris, 1912.

A diamond and emerald bandeau, Chaumet, circa 1910.

Diamond and sapphire bandeau.

Diamond and seed pearl geometric bandeau.

A diamond bandeau on a velvet-wrapped base, circa 1920.

A close-up of a diamond bandeau.

Diamond bandeau tiara, circa 1910.

A circular link bandeau.