31 May 2012

Treasury of Diamond Spike Tiaras

A diamond spike tiara from 1890, which can be converted for wear as a necklace.

A pearl-topped diamond kokoshnik-style tiara.

A diamond spike tiara which sits high on the wearer's head.

A Faberge drawing of a diamond spike tiara.

A slightly different spike tiara, where the smaller diamond elements are round-cut diamonds, rather than square cut, as in the Princes Marina spike tiara, pictured below.

The diamond spike tiara of Princess Marina, the Duchess of Kent. It is now in the possession of Princess Michael of Kent.

The diamond spike tiara of Queen Elizabeth II, and which she wore on her wedding day. It had formerly belonged to her grandmother, Queen Mary.

An interesting tiara composition, where a diamond spike tiara has been fused to the top of a diamond bandeau tiara.

A full-crown diamond spike tiara, which is shown here as a necklace, off of its tiara frame.