24 January 2012

Fabergé Trinkets

 A Faberge cape clasp made from gold, enamel, and cabochon gemstones.

 A green jade Faberge desk clock, complete with a decorate floral spray of diamonds, pearls, gold, silver, and a cabochon ruby.

 A Faberge ring of a large button pearl, surrounded by diamonds in an antiqued, blackened setting.

A Faberge picture frame containing a photograph of Tsar Nikolai II's third daughter, the Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaievna. 

 An enamel and diamond snuff or trinket box, which was made to match the Coronation Egg, the most fascinating and valuable of all the Faberge Imperial Easter Eggs. The monogram in the middle of the box is a Cyrillic "N" for Nikolai II.

 A gold and pearl mesh picture frame containing a washed-out photograph of Tsar Nikolai II.

 A Faberge bracelet, pave'd in turquoise, edged in diamonds, with natural pearls suggesting an open clam shell design.

A snuff box with the monogram of either Catherine (Yekaterina) the Great or the Empress Yelisaveta of Russia.