20 January 2012

Brooches Galore

 A brooch of diamonds and calibre-cut rubies in the form of two interlocking circles.

 An enamel brooch of two egrets, surrounding a 3-sided milky-colored stone.

 A gold and diamond brooch with a large pear-shaped emerald pendant hanging from it.

 A pocket watch of gold, diamonds, and enamel,with a very elaborate chatelaine.

 Two gold fish surrounding a dark green gemstone, with tiny diamonds sprinkled around the piece.

 A gold, enamel, pearl, and diamond brooch with gold wreath and ribbon designs.

 An enamel and gold brooch in the form of a bouquet of flowers.

 Undoubtedly a royal piece, a very grand diamond and oriental pearl brooch, very Edwardian in design.

 A brooch of pierced gold, which has been blacked to look like a black mesh, sprinkled with diamond flowers and edged in yellow gold and diamonds.
 A peacock brooch of diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and gold.

 A pearl button and diamond brooch.

 A simple diamond brooch in the form of a spray of flowers.

 A multi-colored floral brooch.

 A ruby, pearl, and diamond bow brooch.

A Russian made Romanov Imperial double-headed eagle brooch.