04 January 2012

Ancient Jewels

 An antique enamel and precious gem necklace from the 1500's.

 A bracelet made with gothic arches of gold and semi-precious gems. The design could easily be made to wear as a tiara.

 Enamel and gold jewelry ornaments with cabochon emeralds at their centers. These sorts of jewels were used in a number of ways, including being pinned all over a dress, clipped into the hair, or worn as ear clips.

 Diamond chandelier earrings with small portraits of harlequins dangling from them. Harlequins were a popular motif in jewelry in the 1700's.

 Ancient jeweled raven brooches. Their bodies are completely mosaiced out of semi-precious gems.

 Close-up of a Rene Lalique brooch. The berries are carved from rock crystal.

 The Rene Lalique brooch in its entirety.

 A set of three pendants, each suspended from chains coming from a single loop. The lion's body is a baroque pearl, while the camel's body is gold with white enamel. The middle pendant has a delicate design that has been enhanced with enamels and precious gems and pearls.

 A collection of rings, in either dark blue or black enamel. Diamonds scatter the surface of the enamel, giving off the appearance of a starry night sky.

A silver wedding crown. Silver was a traditional metal in which to construct wedding tiaras and crowns.