13 September 2011

The Treasury at Rosenborg Castle

During July of 2011, I was fortunate enough to be traveling around Western Europe, and while in Denmark, I visited the Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen. The Castle consists of a huge Treasury in the basement, and 3 stories of elegant, royal rooms. It was quite the experience, and I recommend everyone to visit.

The video I took of the amazing Christian IV's crown.

The video I took of the smaller crowns of Christian V and Queen Sophie Magdalene.

Jeweled box with doves on top.

A glass case with gold, enamel and silver orders.

A gold and enamel order on top of moire silk ribbon.

Earrings, at top, and diamond stick pins.

Large diamond pendant earrings.

Diamond and enameled pocket watch with chatelaine.

Diamond and enameled pocket watch with chatelaine.

Collection of jeweled rings, most made with semi-precious stones.

Large, diamond-covered chatelaine and pocket watch.

More rings set with large precious and semi-precious stones.

A diamond-covered order of King Frederik VII of Denmark.

Diamond stars and elephant chain necklace, which I believe is worn at the coronations of Danish Monarchs.

Diamond covered scabbard of a royal sword.

A whole suite of diamond jewelry.

A large diamond riviere necklace, with detachable pendant, which can also be worn as a brooch.

A seed pearl and diamond brooch, or possibly hair ornament.

Tiny gold and enameled figures.

A pocket/pendant watch, with beautiful gold clockworks.

Monogram seals, to be used when a King wanted to make his mark on a wax seal on a document.

A locket with the monogram of King Christian VIII, all done in gold and seed pearls.

A small gold pin with a halo of diamonds. It contains the monogram of some King Frederik of Denmark, and is done in gold, with either a rock crystal cabochon over the top, or it is a clear gem.

Enamel and gold pin with mini skull dangling.

A gold and enameled monogram "A".