12 September 2011

Necklaces Galore

An Ancient-Egyptian inspired Necklace and Bracelet set.

A gold and enamel necklace in the treasury at Rosenborg Castle, Denmark.

A gold and tawny topaz parure in the Treasury at Rosenborg Castle, Denmark.

The coronation regalia of the Danish Monarch, which comprises a scepter, sword, orb, diamond star orders, and necklaces.

Various orders and military decorations on display at Rosenborg Castle, Denmark.

A platinum, diamond and pearl dog collar necklace, which is backed with black velvet.

A diamond necklace of scrolling designs, which can easily be converted for wear as a tiara.

A Lalique art nouveau necklace of gold, enamel, and opals.

A Georges Foucquet necklace with delicate opal flowers.

An ancient pearl necklace.

A gold filigree and pink topaz necklace and earring set.

A necklace with a large cabochon purple pendant.

A beautiful antique necklace with diamonds and colorful pearls.

An antique diamond and pearl necklace.

A Moroccan-style necklace.

A Lalique  art nouveau-style necklace.

A delicate Lalique  art nouveau-style pendant necklace.

A platinum and diamond pendant necklace.

A necklace and bracelet set of colorful stones.

A truly decadent royal piece with sapphires and diamonds.

A sapphire and diamond necklace and ring.

A sapphire and diamond pendant necklace.