11 September 2011

Jeweled Insects

A Boucheron diamond tiara with a central butterfly design.

A rock crystal cabochon pendant with a jeweled fly resting on top.

A diamond butterfly brooch with tiny ruby eyes.

A Lalique are nouveau dragonfly fairy brooch.

An art nouveau fairy dragonfly brooch.

An enamel and old cut diamond brooch.

An art nouveau diamond, enamel and pearl butterfly brooch.

Art nouveau fairy brooch.

A gold, ruby, pearl, sapphire, emerald, and diamond butterfly brooch.

A colorful stone bee brooch, with a baroque pearl abdomen.

A diamond bee brooch with a briolette emerald abdomen.

A Lalique butterfly fairy brooch.

A thoroughly modern butterfly tiara set with pink diamonds.

A huge selection of different types of jewelry, the most notable being the large spider brooch in the center.