10 September 2011

Grand Emeralds and Diamonds

A diamond and emerald tiara.

Emerald and Diamond parure belonging to the Danish Monarchy. It is housed in the royal treasury at Rosenborg Castle, Copenhagen.

An emerald and diamond bandeau.

A diamond and emerald bangle bracelet.

A diamond and emerald parure.

An interesting composition. It appears almost as if two different bandeaux have been combined to form this tiara.

An emerald and diamond turban ornament.

An impressive cabochon emerald and diamond diadem.

An  Indian style diadem.

A small diamond and cabochon emerald crown pin.

An elaborate emerald and diamond necklace that can be converted to a tiara.

A tiara that can be disassembled and worn as a necklace with brooches and pendants.
I cut this out of an auction catalogue and then reassembled the tiara myself., but obviously I did a pretty terrible job
Emerald ivy tiara of Queen Rania of Jordan, by Asprey and Garrard.