10 September 2011

Floral and Leafy Diadems

A tiara that can come apart to form six different brooches.

A small diamond ivy leaf tiara.

A floral tiara tied up with a diamond bow.

A simple floral bandeau, similar to the one Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother wore at her wedding.

Diamond Flower button tiara belonging to the Swedish monarchy. Crown Princess Victoria used to wear this tiara often.

A detail of a beautiful diamond and oriental pearl diadem.

A floral tiara that can be easily converted to a necklace.
The diamond floral tiara of Queen Margherita of Italy.

An ivy hair clip, in jade and pearls.

A floral tiara that converts into a necklace.

A scalloped shell tiara.

A Rene Lalique necklace that can also be worn as a tiara.

A leafy diamond necklace that could be converted for wear as a tiara.

A diamond oak leaf tiara, which comes apart to form two large diamond sprays (brooches).

A diamond Ottoman Empire tiara, with the Islamic crescent moon and star present at the top of the tiara.

An interesting tiara, where the pearls are strung through the leafy design.

A large and impressive steel and gold tiara belonging to the Swedish monarchy. It is worn often by the Crown Princess Victoria.
A thoroughly modern leaf and berry tiara made for the Crown Princess Mary of Denmark.

The Spencer family tiara, made famous by one of its wearers, Diana, Princess of Wales. She was forced to return the tiara to her brother, the Earl Spencer, after his second marriage in the mid 1990's.

The other Spencer family tiara, never worn by Princess Diana.

A pink stone necklace, which would make a darling tiara.