08 August 2012

Jeweled Bow Brooches, Part I

Aquamarine, pearl and diamond brooch, circa 1915.

Demantoid garnet and diamond bow brooch.

A diamond, gold and agate cameo brooch, 18th-19th centuries.

Diamond bow brooch by Cartier France, circa 1900.

Diamond bow brooch, circa 1900.

A beautifully accurate diamond bow, early 20th century.

A diamond bow brooch, "Fiocco", by Michele Della Valle.

A floral diamond bow brooch from the mid 19th century.

Diamond and pearl brooch/pendant, circa 1870.

Diamond bow brooch.

Diamond corsage ornament by Tiffany and Co, circa 1920.

Diamond double clip brooch, 1950's.

Double diamond clip brooch.

A diamond, ruby and emerald bow brooch by Bulgari.

Diamond and platinum brooch, circa 1955.

A diamond and ruby brooch.