23 July 2012

The Royal House of the Hashemites

These are lovely commemorative postage stamps of a very young King Hussein II of Jordan with his first wife.

King Hussein II of Jordan. I love collection postage stamps, and it goes hand-in-hand well with my love of royalty.

A signed picture of Queen Noor and King Hussein II. I always thought it would be cool to have a signed royal portrait, but I often wonder if these types of things are real. It is often the protocol of royal courts to not grant autographs.

This tiara of Noor al Husseins is so delicate, it reminds me of rain drops and crystals and falling rain. 

A scrolling, delicate diamond tiara worn by Queen Rania al Abdullah. She owns quite a few tiaras, far more than Noor, her predecessor, has ever worn, and she seems to wear this one not so frequently. My favorite Rania tiara is her emerald Asprey and Garrard ivy wreath.