02 May 2012

The Royal Danish House of Glucksborg

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary in a formal portrait with their two oldest children, Prince Christian and Princess Isabella.

The Crown Prince and Princess with their twins, Josephine and Vincent.

A wedding portrait of Mary and Frederik.

One of my favorite formal shots of the Crown Prince Couple before their marriage. Mary is wearing an elaborate diamond and ruby parure that was worn frequently by Queen Ingrid, Frederik's grandmother.

Wedding stamps of Mary and Frederik.

Mary and Frederik.

A gorgeous formal shot of Mary, wearing the beautiful diamond and ruby parure. I bought this postcard while staying in the Danish city of Roskilde, where the Roskilde Cathedral resides, which is the final resting place of all Danish Kings and Queens. Empress Maria Fedorovna of Russia had been interned there, but after the fall of the Soviet Union, Boris Yeltsin allowed her remains to come to Russia to rest beside her husband, Tsar Alexander III.

Mary and Frederik.

King Christian IX of Denmark with his family. From left, Queen Alexandra and King Edward VII, Princess Thyra, Queen Louise and King Christian, Empress Maria Fedorovna and Tsar Alexander III of Russia, and numerous other family and children floating around. This painting fills a whole wall in the Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen, Denmark. I was quite in awe when I saw if for myself.
A photo I took of the painting of Christian IX and his family. You can  tell how large it is by comparing it to the chairs at the left of the picture. The Christiansborg Palace isn't occupied by the Royal Family, but it is still used for formal banquets, usually for visiting heads of state.

Mary and Frederik with their twins, Princess Josephine and Prince Vincent.

Princess Alexandra of Denmark, who, after her and Prince Joachim's  (pictured at right)  divorce, does not hold a royal title anymore, and is now known as Countess Alexandra.

Princess Benedikte, sister to Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, wearing a crazy-sleeved dress.

 A wedding portrait of French-born Princess Marie, and Prince Joachim, brother of the Crown Prince.

Princess Mary wearing a fur stole and a super awesome white-enameled elephant necklace. I would love to marry into the Danish Royal family just to get to wear some of that elephant jewelry!

Queen Margrethe wearing a diamond and emerald parure, which is housed in the royal treasury at  Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen, Denmark.
My own picture of the diamond and emerald paure, worn by Queen Margrethe in the above picture.

Queen Margrethe and her sister, Queen Anne-Marie of Greece, who lives in exile in London.