11 January 2014

More Magnificent Opals

An art nouveau 18 karat gold, black opal, and enamel pendant, circa 1900.

An 18 karat gold, diamond, opal and enamel locket bracelet.

An 18 karat two color gold, opal, ruby, sapphire and emerald pendant necklace by Buccellati.

An 18 karat white gold, green opal and diamond ring and earring set, by Sifen Chang.

An opal and diamond brooch from 1890.

An early 20th century opal, diamond and sapphire brooch by Dreicer.

An art nouveau gold, platinum, opal, diamond and plique-a-jour enamel pendant by Paul Robin, France, circa 1900.

A black opal and diamond pendant necklace, early 20th century.

A black opal and diamond pendant necklace and ring.

A diamond and fire opal pendant, circa 1910.

An art nouveau enamel, opal, diamond and enamel pendant by Guillemin Freres, circa 1900.

A fire opal and diamond parure made up of earrings, pendant, ring and bracelet.

Fire opal and diamond bracelet and earrings, circa 1930's.

A fire opal and enamel brooch, circa 1900.