19 October 2012

Faces in Jewelry

A carved agate and diamond cameo pendant brooch, circa 1890.

An archaeological revival hardstone cameo brooch, 1860.

A gold and gem set blackamoor brooch by Michele Della Valle.

A gold, pearl and agate cameo by Giorgio Antonio Girardet and G. Giniselli, mounted by Ernes Pierret, circa 1880.

A gold and hardstone cameo ring by Tignani, circa 1860.

Gold and hardstone cameo brooch by Saulini, circa 1860.

Gold, pearl, and hardstone cameo pendant brooch by Enrico Girardet, circa 1890.

A heart shaped seed pearl, gold and eye portrait pendant brooch.

A pearl, gold, ruby and sapphire blackamoor brooch by Nardi.

A diamond, platinum and harstone cameo brooch,early 20th century.