01 September 2012

Impressive Pearl and Diamond Diadems

Belle Epoque pearl and diamond tiara with some greek key elements.

The Cambridge Lover's Knot tiara, belonging to Diana, Princess of Wales. It was commissioned by Queen Elizabeth II's grandmother, Queen Mary.

Diamond and pearl tiara.

Diamond and pearl tiara, circa 1880.

Diamond tiara with large pearl accents.

Queen Alexandra of Great Britain's tiara of pearls and diamonds, with celtic know elements and large fleur-de-lis designs.

A Royal Hanover diamond spike tiara.

A tiara belonging to the Empress Maria Fedorovna Romanova of Russia. She also wore this as a necklace.

A diamond and pearl tiara by Chaumet, 1920.

A pearl and diamond spike tiara by Chaumet, circa 1880.

An interesting diamond and pearl spike tiara.

A pearl and diamond tiara.

A tall and delicate diamond and pearl tiara.